Why DIY?

     There are not always enough opportunities to engage with and appreciate how creative our students and children can be. Therefore, any chance you can take at home to allow your children free reign with DIY activities can only yield positive results. It’s essential for children to become better at self advocating for themselves both in and out of the classroom. A great way to encourage growth in this department is for them to take part in DIY activities. Gently direct them toward a more academic geared project- such as one that involves Science, Reading, or Writing. But it is important to allow them to choose which project they’d like to work on.

      Let a goal for winter break be completing two DIY projects- whether it’s for a holiday gift or a present to themselves. There are always fantastic ideas for DIY projects on our ‘facebook page’, but you can also talk to your kids and see if they have their own ideas about project work for the break. You’ll be surprised by some of the ideas they might come up with. Group work is as important as independent work. Students don’t always get the chance to work in a group setting on projects that require teamwork and communication- both are vital for building the types of social skills that will help them in both an academic and social setting moving forward.

Here is one idea for DIY and an explanation as to why it is beneficial.

Be A Journalist!

This works on refining writing and reading comprehension skills. Have your child select a book they would like to read and review over the winter holiday. As they’re reading the book, they should be thinking about what elements make it a good story, whether or not they are able to engage with the character, and whether or not they would recommend it to a friend or family member. Once they finish the book, they can pick out a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. On the cover they can draw a picture representing the book that they read and include the title of the story. Inside the book they’ve created they will paste the review that they either type up or handwrite about the book.


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