Tutoring and Group Study Sessions


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Tutoring the “ALL” way

We offer weekly one on one tutoring by a specialized tutor. Our tutors go above and beyond through their preparation, communication, and the extra resources provided to parents and students.

Subject Areas:
  • K-12 Reading, Math, Science, and History
  • Writing improvement (for school or for college entry)
  • Test Prep and Study Skills
  • SAT/ACT Prep (click here for more details)

Homework Help

Offered through Text a Tutor. Students can text a tutor any day before 10 pm for help with homework or studying for a test.

Parents are also welcome to use us as a resource when you are helping your student, and you come across a topic that is being taught in a way that doesn’t make sense to you.

So many things have changed in the last few years, and a lot of kids don’t get textbooks anymore. Let us be your text book!

Text a Tutor:

  • On demand tutoring
  • Can be done from anywhere
  • Uses a web-chat format through phone or computer
  • Pay as you need
  • Perfect for quick questions, homework help, or review of concepts

In Depth Tutoring:
  • Initial Assessment: Strongly recommended before starting any services with Avery Learning Lab
    • Cost: $30 per subject
    • Time: 45 min. One on one with accessor and student (requires an appt.), 15 min. Online survey for student/parent (done any time)
    • Results: Assessor will send a full report of students strong and weak areas in the subject along with recommendations of services based off of the results.
    • Purpose:
      • Baseline to know where the student is at when starting with us. Sometimes what is perceived as an overall problem is actually just a disconnect with a few concepts, or vice versa and there can be a larger underlying problem to what seems like a small lack of understanding
      • Helps us match the student with the best tutor
      • Helps us recommend the best fit for tutoring service and frequency (you are not required to follow this, but it helps support our guarantee of growth)


In Depth Tutoring Options:

  • Intensive Tutoring 
      • Long term fixes
        • Helps students struggling overall in a subject area or multiple subject areas.
        • Gives students the skills they need to become independent learners.
        • Teaches them alternative ways to study, and learn material that works best for their learning style.
        • Builds test taking skills and critical thinking skills.
      • Initial Assessment Recommended before starting this option
      • Cost: $40 per session plus extras detailed upon contact to main office


  • Comprehensive Tutoring 
      • Lifelong fixes
        • Helps families/students struggling with organization, studying, homework time, and motivation
        • Can help build ability to handle learning struggles such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia/dyscalculia, autism, Reading and Math learning disabilities
        • Combines with Intensive Tutoring for overall growth
      • Initial Assessment Recommended before starting this option
      • Cost: $60 per session plus extras detailed upon contact to main office

Tutoring FAQs (such as what pricing includes)

Tutoring Policies (payments, cancellations, and rescheduling)


As Needed Study Sessions:

We offer as needed sessions when tutors have availability. No contract, same pricing as Intensive Tutoring, but no guarantee of availability of tutors. Contact us to see availability.

Tutoring Policies


Group Study Sessions:

Client Designed:

You create the group and split the cost between you. This is optimal for groups of students in the same class that want to study for a test or go over concepts they are all struggling with.

Intensive Tutoring: $90 per hour for the entire group—no more than 3 students

Basic Tutoring: $60 per hour for the entire group—no more than 3 students

Payment can be split up by us according to how many students you have, or the person who schedules the session with us can take care of that and pay the entire amount. Just let us know which way you would prefer when you schedule the appointment. All payments will need to be made prior to the session. Please only have one parent from the group schedule an appointment.

Group Concept Series:

We offer programs for schools and homeschool groups where we focus on a specific concept. Parents can sign students up for a series of study sessions on the concepts they are struggling with. We keep these sessions to 3-4 students per instructor. We may have 6-12 students in a session, but we provide multiple instructors per session. Contact us for more information, or if you would like to host a series at your school.

Cost: $20 per student per session

Examples of popular concept series:

  • Fractions (3 weeks: operations, changing to percent and decimal, word problems)
  • Basic Operations (2 weeks: operation review, and word problems)
  • Reading for Main Idea and Key concepts (2 weeks)
  • Integers (3 weeks: operations, word problems, applying integers to equations)
  • Study Skills (2 weeks: How do you learn best?, Optimal study habits)
  • Staying Motivated and Focused (2 weeks: Creating a motivation plan, strategies for focus)
  • And many more: we can tailor a series to the needs of your students!
  • Contact us by email to get this set up for your school or homeschool group (info@averylearninglab.com)

Location of ALL tutoring sessions:
  • at the local library (nearest you)
  • at the student’s school (with principal permission)
  • at the student’s home
  • Skype video session
  • other locations by request


Not sure where to start?

Contact us today to schedule your initial assessment, so we can come up with a plan together to best fit your needs (The price of this service is $30)

Phone: 919-578-6990

Email: info@averylearninglab.com

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