The Holiday Breather



     Thanksgiving is almost here, which means that a lot of us are thinking about our grocery lists and travel plans. While it’s certainly important to make sure our students continue to engage with academics during school breaks, there is a flip side. Taking mental breathers and pausing to enjoy personal pleasures is equally necessary to producing an inquisitive mind. Sometimes it is okay to put the brakes on school work and tutoring for the sake of a mini holiday.

      There is a lot of pressure placed on students in 2016 to be overachievers. But, at the end of the day, they are still kids under the age of 18 who require some time to simply have fun. There are activities that you can encourage your child to take part in that will automatically ensure their brains are staying active. And that traditional outdoor football game a lot of families engage in will take care of getting some physical activity in.

Here are some ways to tap into your child’s mind from the angle of relaxation and personal interests:

  1. If your child loves to cook, give them the option of making one side dish (or more) to be served at the Thanksgiving table. Or let them assist you in the kitchen. You’d be amazed by how much cooking taps into the scientific and engineering part of our minds.
  2. For the bookworm in the family, take them to the bookstore or library and let them pick out a book to read for fun. A book they can read….just because. They will automatically engage in analysis and comprehension.
  3. If you have a history buff in the family, let them watch some TV in the form of the History channel. Then ask questions about what they watched at the dinner table.
  4. For the families who have Mathematicians, encourage them to conduct several Thanksgiving polls. They could, for example, poll people on favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Your child will be doing statistics, making comparisons and contrasts without even knowing it!

The holidays are meant to be spent engaging with your family. Every once in awhile it’s necessary for our kids to take a bit of a break.


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