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Love These Resources!!!!

Boy with Math Book and Symbols

Well January jumped off with a bang for us here at Avery Learning Lab! Lots of new wonderful clients, a great blog post on Lifelong Learning, partnership in the works with Carolina Biological for some awesome science and math kits, two successful family communication workshops at the local libraries, and the unveiling of our new Learning Evaluation. Not to mention all the great work with our new and continuing Learning Program and tutoring students!

Along the way we found and created some great resources. I want to use this blog as a time to share 10 of our favorites with you! (these are in no particular order)


  • Our Learning Evaluation:

The Learning Evaluation is perfect for getting a better understanding of how your student thinks, learns, and what sparks their interest. We use 3 assessments with student, parent, and teacher participation to compile a report about your students learning style, multiple intelligences, and neurodevelopmental strengths and weaknesses. We then take that report and create a plan complete with strategies for how to help your student become a successful independent learner.


  • Online Learning Success Program:

This program is similar to ours and based in some of the same principles and research. However, it is one that parents can implement at home with or without the addition of extra help from a professional. This is a great option for parents that want to try to make changes on their own, or who want to use it in combination with tutoring to see faster results. They also have great resources for students with Dyslexia (reading) or Dyscalculia (math).


  • Teachers Pay Teachers Store (great place for parents to get resources too)

This is where we post our paid products. We will be developing our own online store, but for right now this is a great place to go to find our latest products. You can also check out all the other resources that other teachers put on here. The teachers get a percentage of all your purchases, so its a great way to support educators.


  • K5 Education

This website has great paid and free resources for leveled readings, phonics, and math. This link is going to send you to the main page for free worksheets. The documents listed for each grade are free. They also have options for you to purchase their fair priced Leveled Reading books (2-3 dollars each with at least 10 stories with questions), and other paid resources and programs for reading, math, writing, and phonics. I love that they have free options available, and that you can pick and choose if you decide to buy items from them as well.


  • Study Stack

Fantastic online studying resource for Vocabulary words, review questions, and more. Create a login and your first stack, then play games with your questions or words! They have flash cards, matching, quizzes, tests, a bug game similar to “snake” that we used to play when we were younger, and more! Not to mention its FREE. Enjoy!


  • Multiplication Practice Site:

This one is self explanatory whether looking for practice, games, or lessons on multiplication, this is the place to go. They also have games for addition, subtraction, and division!


  • Reading Assessments to see what grade level your child is at

There are directions on the site for where to start and how to proceed depending on the results. I wouldn’t suggest doing more than one test every couple of days. This is a great resource to figure out what level your child is at, and what they need to be able to do at their appropriate grade level.


  • All Kinds of Minds Parent Toolkit

This is a wonderful guideline of strategies to help with specific learning concerns in areas such as Attention, Math, Reading, and Writing. This is on the website for All Kinds of Minds, a revolutionary group started by Dr. Mel Levine that focuses on the 8 main neurodevelopmental functions. Many of their ideas are included in our own evaluations. Their program helps teachers to identify specific learning areas that students need help with. This particular resource is geared towards parents. Take a minute to explore the rest of their website as well.


  • Fun Clipart for kids and teachers

Looking for some fun free pics to use on projects, classroom posters, or your own documents. Here are some good websites for that




  •  PDF converter:

A free resource for converting word docs, jpg, powerpoints, and excel docs to pdf form. You can also convert from pdf to jpg, compress your pdfs, and even merge pdf docs. Absolutely fantastic, easy to use, and free. You have the option of donating to them through Paypal as you like, which I do because I have used them so many times and find it a resource I can’t do without.



I hope you enjoy these. We are still refining the free resource for when people sign up for our email list (and will send it out to those of you already on the list). The free resource is called “7 Ways to Motivate Your Student and Jump Start Their Love of Learning”. We are doing extra research to make sure we are including the best and most up to date findings of what is proven to work. Currently I am reading  a book that has inspired me, and with further research we will be expanding the number of ways to motivate, to 10!

We are committed to helping families achieve growth and a love of learning. We want that to be evident in everything we provide you. Including our free email list resource, our blog, our Learning Evaluation and Program, and our workshops, activities, and the upcoming summer camps.

For more information on any of these things contact us or check out the links provided in this post.

Have a great day!

Amanda Avery 🙂

P.S. If you haven’t already take a moment to sign up for our email list here. I can promise that the emails you get will have meaningful content!