Summer Updates and Fun Resources


Happy Summer to ALL!

We are officially in full summer program swing. We have had two weeks of camp and are gearing up for our workshops and learning activities.
We have a few updates for you and I also wanted to tag on a couple of resources that the kids have been enjoying this summer. Everything from Math resources, to making icecream in a ziploc bag ūüôā

Updates and Resources:

1. NEW GOATS! We just brought home three new Nigerian Dwarf goats to join our other two ladies. One of them is even in milk, so the kids this week are getting a kick out of watching me milk a goat (trust me it is quite entertaining for everyone but me!)
We will be updating our website with their pictures and some information about how they are going to become an integral part of our agriculture and sustainability programs (coming soon!). Some of our fall workshops will include making goat cheese and a demonstration of making goat milk soap, which is fantastic for your skin!

2. Workshop Changes: After taking a look at the registration grade levels, and concept review needs of the attendees we have so far, we decided to rearrange some of our workshop days. Here are the updates:

  • Tuesday¬†Keeping Skills Sharp workshops on¬†July 21st, July 28th, August 4th, and August 11th will be for rising 5th-7th graders. We have 6 spots left open as of the time of this email. See below for the Reading and Math topics that will be covered.
  • Wednesday¬†Keeping Skills Sharp workshops on¬†July 22nd, July 29th, August 5th, and August 12th will be for rising 8th and 9th graders. We have 5 spots left open.
  • Details of topics for Keeping Skills Sharp workshops. **All programs are adjusted in difficulty and specific concepts depending on grade level. These are just overall themes.
    • 1st week: Reading is in the AM and Math is in the PM. We will be covering Comic Book story writing based in literary terms, and Number Sense such as decimals, fractions, integers, and ratios.
    • 2nd week: Math is in the AM and Reading is in the PM. We will be covering “Close Reading: Thinking like a scientist”, and Probability and Statistics. We will be incorporating graphing into this one and the next two workshops.
    • 3rd week: Reading is in the AM and Math is in the PM. We will be covering “What are the thoughts and questions that occur when reading and writing” and Algebraic Thinking and Reasoning.
    • 4th week: Math is in the AM and Reading is in the PM. We will be covering academic reading and writing, as well as Geometry concepts and a review of the other Math topics covered in the other three weeks.
  • Friday Outdoor¬†Science and Math¬†Workshops. We are definitely having our workshop on Friday July 31st (we have 7 spots open). Pending final count we may also have one on July 24th, August 7th, and August 14th
  • Friday Loving the Arts workshops. These are all pending final count. We have Visual Arts scheduled for Friday July 24th, and August 14th. We have Theatre on July 31st, and Music on August 7th.

Please contact us to register for workshops. You can also find more information here.

3. Summer Resources:

  • Wonderful Middle School Math website for summer review of concepts:
  • Math¬†games for all grade levels to review concepts over the summer
  • Math Playground¬†games for grades 1-6 (7th and 8th graders can do the 6th grade games to review base skills)
  • Fun Reading site for Elementary students. Three levels to decide between depending on what your reader needs to work on.
  • Fun Activities we tried in Science and Math¬†Camp (these are the top four):
  1. Ziploc Bag Icecream
  2. Balloon Rocket Races (we did graphing and  data tables with these)
  3. Building Bridges out of household materials (we used Popsicle sticks, straws, rulers, some styrofoam blocks, and tape). All the bridges held at least a 3 lb. free weight
  4. Candy fractions. We used candy such as skittles, sour patch kids and jelly beans, to create ratios, fractions of colors to whole, and we will be using this in another workshop for proportions.

Hope you are having as great of a summer as we are! We are continuing to make improvements at our location to create the best environment for our workshops and activities. We look forward to seeing some of you in the next few weeks. Call or email with any questions about registration or resources.

Happy Summer ūüôā

Contact information:
Phone: 919-973-0702 or 919-578-6990


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