Summer Reading Is Meant To Be Fun!


In the era of technological devices, it is difficult to inspire your child to feel excited about a stack of books. So how can we get kids to feel enthusiastic about summer reading lists or reading books in general? Here are some ideas, in addition to having your child join us here at Avery Learning Lab for some of our fantastically enjoyable summer reading programs!

1. It is a well established fact that books on the required school reading list are not always what your child would automatically gravitate towards. Therefore, one way to get them motivated is to promise them a book or magazine of their choice for each summer reading book they finish. The biggest key to getting kids to love reading in 2016 is to ensure that they have the opportunity to read about things that they are interested in!

2. Engage with your child and pass on your own memories of loving literature. If your child detects a passion in you for reading, they will develop a natural joy for reading as well. Buy your child your favorite childhood book (or check it out from the library) and each night take turns reading a chapter.

3. When it comes to required reading, why not read the summer requirements right along with them?! It can be a fun opportunity to bond with your child, discussing what you did and didn’t like about the story. It will make the required reading feel less like a chore and more like a great conversation starter over glasses of lemonade on a hot summer day. 

4.Turn summer reading into a family challenge! Why not turn summer reading into a competition? Keep track of how many books each family member reads over the course of the summer. At the end of each month, celebrate how many books you’ve all read by doing a fun activity of your child’s choice. The competitive streak will kick in and your child will view summer reading as more of a game  and less of a mandatory activity.

The goal at the end of the summer is for your child to realize that reading is more enjoyable than they initially thought. Try one or all of the suggestions listed above and don’t forget to check out some of our engaging reading programs, such as Story Time, Big Picture, and Poetry In Motion!

Visit our Summer Reading Activities page to learn more about all of our summer reading programs! We are also routinely posting suggestions to our Facebook Page!


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