School Year Activities

We offer a few different types of School Year Activities. We are always happy to discuss with a teacher, principal, or home school group how we can tailor our learning activities to fit your needs. 


Concept Series Workshops

  • Geared towards specific concepts and grade levels. (Ex. 4th grade Fractions)
  • 1 hour sessions (most series need 4-6 sessions)
  • Small group learning (no more than 4 kids per instructor)
  • Hands on learning, activities, and critical thinking.
  • Can be offered all in one week, or spread out over several weeks
  • Convenient: We bring these workshops to you.
  • Cost $20 per session per child (includes all materials)


Outdoor Learning Activities

  • These are provided through our partner educational farm (Hux Family Farm)
  • Located next to Falls Lake in Durham, NC
  • Access to hiking trails, wooded exploration, and a goat farm (may be adding other animals soon!)
  • Can meet a variety of field trip and learning needs.
  • Please see the list of Educational and Nature activities for prices and ideas.


In School or In Home Enrichment

  • Hands on learning activities related to STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) *we call it STREAM, but you may be more familiar with STEAM, and STEM.
  • Small group cooperative learning (no more than 5 kids per instructor)
  • Convenient: We bring the programs and activities to you.
  • Typically last 3-4 hours, or can be broken into a series of 4 hour long activities
  • Increases critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Helps improve self esteem and communication with others.
  • Click on the links above to see more details in pricing and ideas. We combine many of the areas together. (We don’t have any specific to Art at this time, but it is brought in to each program we do.)


Note: If you would like us to bring an activity to your group or school please contact us to schedule an event.


Phone: 919-578-6990

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