Tony Sprinkle


Brief Bio:

Tony is a graduate of North Carolina State University  with a BS in Physics and a minor in Computer Sciences. He is also a member of the National Tutoring Association. Science and math are subjects that he enjoys learning and really enjoys helping others understand. He has hundreds of hours of tutoring experience, especially at the high school and collegiate level. He knows that students often just need to look at things from a different angle to get that “Aha!” moment. He believes that it’s important to be very thorough in tutoring, which ensures that the student masters the concept for success in her/his classes.

Tony is also very involved in music, and plays the clarinet. He was part of a music fraternity at State, as well as the marching band there. While at NC State he also received a BA in Arts Applications (Music Concentration) with a minor in Music Theory & Composition.


Testimonials from students and parents:

Subject Areas:

  • 6th grade through College Level: Math
  • 8th grade through College Level: Science


Type of Tutoring:

  • Basic and Intensive (Math and Science)


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