Adriana Salzmann


Brief Bio:

Adriana is a recent graduate of South Granville High School in Creedmoor. She is attending Vance Granville to get all of her initial college credits then she will be transferring to a University. Her goal is to study Biology and Criminology at NC State after transferring from Vance Granville. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, writing, and drawing, as well as playing with her pet hedgehog Ellie. She also enjoys museums and learning new things through hands-on experiences and her studies. Her favorite thing to do is to help others, and she always puts forward her best effort.


Testimonials from students and parents:


“I am very pleased with the work Adriana has accomplished with my son. He
learned more with her throughout the summer then he did throughout  the
entire school year. Looking forward to continuing working with her
during this coming school year.”



Subject Areas:

  • K-11: Math
  • K-8: Reading and Writing



Type of Tutoring:

  • Basic (Reading and Math), Intensive (Math)


Contact Info: (If you are an existing student/parent of Adriana’s)

  • Email:


Want to sign up for tutoring with Adriana?

Contact: or call 919-578-6990