Meaningfully Engaged This Holiday Season

          As we ease into the holiday weekend, whether we are celebrating Channukah or Christmas, it is a time for reflection and family. Gift giving, relaxation, and enjoyment. We are also rapidly heading toward the new year and thinking about the goals we want to set for ourselves in 2017. But first, it’s time for a much deserved holiday, and there are an assortment of creative crafts you can engage in this holiday weekend.

  1. Help your kids construct a Christmas tree or a menorah. Let them decorate with glitter, glue, crayons, etc. until they are satisfied with the finished product. Then ask them to come up with things they are thankful for or goals they want to set for the new year. You can have them come up with a goal for each branch or for each candle on the menorah. Either way, you’ll have your kids engaging in an activity that requires artistic skills, writing techniques, and care.
  1. It’s never to late to make your own ornament! Allow your kids to add one more decoration to the Christmas tree! Over the holidays, it’s important kids get a bit of a break from school, so allow them to take initiative and create the ornament they want! Set up an arts and craft table where cousins, siblings, or/and friends can create the afternoon away!
  1. Read It and Act! Whether you’re reading The Night Before Christmas or selecting your favorite Channukah story, give the kids a chance to stage a mini play. Even kids who typically shy away from theatrical performances, will be caught up in the fun of staging their own version of these classic holiday stories. As parents, take a step back after making the suggestion, and allow them to think on their own toes! You’ll be amazed with what they end up coming up with.
  1. STEM away in the kitchen. Encourage your kids to get creative in the kitchen and assist with the holiday dinners or breakfasts. Children love being handed responsibilities and being made to feel that their skills are valued. Let them take charge of one dish or one dessert and have a blast working side by side in the kitchen!

Check out our Facebook page and take a glance at our tutoring services if you’re feeling the need to get your child some extra help in the New Year. For now, we wish you the happiest of holidays here at Avery Learning Lab!


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