It’s All In The Approach


     Having helpful strategies and resources to pull out of our back pockets is half the battle when it comes to completing assignments and understanding concepts. The more ways in which a student can complete a problem or assignment, the greater their understanding will end up being. Tutoring sessions can be an excellent way for students to be introduced to a variety of techniques that don’t always come up in conversation in the classroom.

    Students think about topics and concepts in different ways from one another. There doesn’t have to be ‘strictly one way’ to approach a Reading or Math assignment. Sometimes a concept really needs to be broken down in order for a student to fully comprehend it, and this is not something that should be viewed as a failure by either the student or the parent. Throughout lower school and middle school especially, it is essential to not turn away from a student’s proposed strategy. Even if it doesn’t sound as though it fits in with a ‘grade level approach’, allow them (initially, anyway) to improve their confidence with the strategy that is the right direction for them.

     This month, we are focusing our social media tips on how to help kids try out different methods for working through assignments.

Key Things To Remember:

  1. Be flexible.
  2. Push for overall comprehension rather than forcing a specific strategy.
  3. Try everything.

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