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Brain Training

Here at Avery Learning Lab our top priority is to help all learners succeed and grow! Along with that we strive to create a fun learning environment that creates failures kids can grow from, and successes they can build on.

We have found some fabulous free brain training websites that we use with many of our Learning Program and Tutoring students. We want to share these fun, enriching, learning games with you. Many of them aren’t academic based. You will be amazed at the difference improving memory and problem solving skills can make for your child at school and in the rest of their life. You may even find that you want to play too!!!!

Note: Most of these sites have ads in order to keep the games free. If you see something for a “fit test” through Lumonosity it is an ad that will take you to a paid resource site, as will clicking on any of the other ads.

Brain Training

List of sites with a highlight of our favorites:

1. Brain Metrix : This one has a number of brain games on the left hand side ranging from spatial to memory training. This site will keep you coming back for more. We are still exploring all the options. So far our favorite is “Silver Sphere” which is a highly addictive spatial, and problem solving game.

2. Memory Improvement Tips: Don’t let the name fool you! This site is packed with games (and tips) for all areas of brain function. Some examples are Memory, Problem Solving, Concentration, Thinking Speed, and Mental Flexibility. There are so many options it will take us a long time to play them all! You can explore by category or look at the top menu bar to explore even more options such as puzzles and word games.

Our favorite games right now are “Neon Rider“, which helps with concentration, attention span, and focus, and “Pac Man Math” which helps with math skills, problem solving, and concentration.

Kid Game Area– even though all the games on Memory Improvement can be played by adults and kids alike, these games are a little more geared toward the younger mind.

3. Knowledge Adventure: One of our favorite resources for all kind of games. They range from traditional memory games, to problem solving games, to your all time favorites like tic-tac-toe, battleship, and connect 4. Knowledge Adventure has something for everyone!!!!

4. Brain Pages: This site has some phenomenal brain training games. Any game on here will help you to improve memory, reasoning, and more. Just keep track of your scores and try to beat yourself each new time you play!

5.  Kids Memory: This site is all for kids! They have four awesome memory games as well as some other educational games on the right hand menu. One of our favorite games here is “Memory Face Off“!

6. Brain Connection: This site is geared towards kids with simple language, phonics, memory, and problem solving games. They also have some amazing information on learning for adults as well under the “Library” tab. That isn’t to say that adults won’t enjoy these games too. We certainly do! “Platy Hop” is a play off of the old Simon board game. It reminds us of Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb (and who doesn’t love Perry!)

7. Learn 4 Good Memory games: Learn 4 Good has some great educational games. This link will specifically take you to Memory Games for Kids. We are in love with “False Mario”, because it feeds our Mario addiction and you have to pay attention!

*We will be on the constant look out for great brain games to add. If you find one that you love and want to share it with us, please email us the link (




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