Service Benefits

The mission of Avery Learning Lab, L.L.C. is to provide a fun, enriching learning environment for children and adults, by creating excitement and a love of learning. We offer programs, workshops, and activities that engage the mind and help build joy when tackling new learning experiences. We feel that when you are engaged in your learning, it becomes something that you want to continue to explore, and helps to create life long learners.

We believe that a growth mindset helps build confidence and satisfaction as you conquer learning challenges. Our tutoring services are based around the goal of promoting a growth mindset not only for our students, but also for their families. All instruction is personalized and is offered along with coaching on learning strategies and best practices for focus, motivation, and work completion. There are many things that effect the academic results students are getting. Since everyone learns differently, we work with families to help get to the cause of any troubles with learning, and form a plan for helping the student grow and achieve success.

Our online resources, blog, newsletter, and workshops (also offered through schools) are provided with the goal of putting materials within easy access for parents, teachers, and students. These resources and workshops also support our belief in a growth mindset, and our goal of supporting all of those involved in the education of the leaders and creators of our future.
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