Applying The Real World

books       As the holidays rapidly approach, it can be easy to get caught up in the spirit of things and let academic activities fall to the wayside. Who wants their child to be sitting in the other room working through a pile of worksheets while the rest of the family relaxes over food? While the desire to give your child a break from school is a perfectly reasonable one, Thanksgiving break is followed closely by a rather long winter break and it can be easier than you think for concepts to dissipate due to underuse. There are ways to ensure that your child is able to engage with academics and still have a relaxing and fun break.

     This holiday season, get a family project going with family and friends! Have your children work with cousins and friends to create their own business. It can be a friendship bracelet business, a bookstore, or a knitting shop (to name a few!). Help them work through coming up with their own business plans where they’ll have to think about: what their product is, who their target customer is, how much they want to put into advertising, and what is going to make their product unique. Present them with certain stipulations, such as a set fee of rent that will be charged for their shops and also start them off with a preliminary pile of earnings. For example, create a business backstory with them that is based off the company forming off a lump sum due to inheritance or a fundraiser. With this set starting pool of money, they will have to think up ways to create a successful business.

     Allow the group to come up with jobs for each person, based on their talents and strengths. You can have a VP of Finance, a VP of Marketing, a VP of Sales, a VP of Designs, and a CEO. Take a backseat and watch them have to work together to come up with the best possible business model. They can use ipads or cameras, for example, to shoot commercials or they can design fancy packaging for their products. There are so many different opportunities in a project like this that will enable them to be thinking about the real world. Additionally, this project will require math, analysis, and creativity. They’ll be so wrapped up in the excitement of creating their own business that they won’t even realize they’re engaging with Math, Economics, English, and Arts & Crafts! At the end of the project, allow them to turn a room in your house into their store and have family and friends come over to ‘purchase’ things.

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