Context Clues

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Reading Passages for Context Clues

K12 Reader (Passages Worksheets) 

English Worksheet Land (Passages Multiple Choice Worksheets) 


Other Types of Context Clues Practice

K12 Reader (Sentences Worksheets) 

Ereader (Sentences Worksheets Up to Level 3) 

Teach-nology (Sentences Worksheets)  

Englishlinx (Sentences Worksheets) 

Shsu (Online Sentences Test) 


Context Clues Activities

K12 Reader (Cut-outs) 

Crackerjax (Teacher Organizer) 

Classroom Game Nook (Three Activities) 


Context Clues Online Games

Room Recess (Click and Drag) 

Quia (Rags to Riches) 

Toon University (Duck Hunt)