Equations and Inequalities


Single, Two, and Multi Step Equation, as well as Word Problems associated with these.

*these are in no particular order*

Extra Practice for Solving Equations:

  1. Kuta Software Algebra Practice Worksheets   (you will want to stick with the “Basics” box, the “Equations” box, and the “Word Problems” box if in middle school)
  2. Pre- Algebra Math Aids and Algebra Math Aids   (Some of these are the same on both places, but it generates different practice sheets every time)
  3. Math Worksheets 4 Kids Site (middle school students won’t know quadratics, absolute value equations, or most systems of equations concepts yet. All the rest of the sheets are great practice.)
  4. Common Core Algebra Sheets (not as many resources here as the other three choices above)
  5. Inequalities Practice worksheets- Math-Aids, Kuta, Soft schools

Online Equation Games

  1. Variety of Equation Games on Math Play
  2. Weigh the Wangdoodles (fun interactive for understanding equations)
  3. Fun Brain (guess the number game. Gives a word problem, and the student can come up with an equation to solve it, or use logic)
  4. Equations Jeopardy (one and two step)
  5. Multi-Step Equations Jeopardy
  6. Multi-Step Equations Rags to Riches
  7. Literal Equations Jeopardy (rearranging of equations to solve for specific variables)
  8. Inequality games


Online Equation Interactives and Practice

  1. Shodor Algebra (select appropriate topics for your grade level-NOT quadratics if you are in middle school)
  2. Soft School Word Problem Interactive
  3. Literal Equation Interactive (rearranging equations to solve for specific variables)


Equation Activities you can do from home

  1. List of Websites with Equation Activities
  2. KerSplash Activity to do on Combining Like Terms
  3. Group Activity/Lesson using a Deck of Cards to create equations
  4. Multi-step Equations activity with Candy


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