Fractions Resources


*They are in no particular order, except that our favorite in each category is in the #1 spot. E = Elementary aligned, M = Middle School aligned*

Extra Practice: a lot of these are worksheet generators, so they can produce multiple versions for the same concept.

  1. Math Aids Fractions (all types of fractions problems) E and M
  2. Common Core Worksheets on fractions (each section has practice, guides, and most have a resource with “word” in the title. This signals that these are word problems) E and M
  3. Math Worksheets 4 Kids Fractions (all types of fraction problems) E and M
  4. Math Aids Operations (operations with fractions) M
  5. Math Aids Conversions (converting between percent, fractions, and decimals) M
  6. Sample Word Problems from Math Score M


Fraction Online Games:

  1. Variety of Fraction Games on Math Play E and M
  2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions on Math Play Upper E and M
  3. Variety of Fraction Games Sheppard Software E and M
  4. Math Playground (variety of fraction and decimal games) E and M
  5. Softschools Math Games (Fraction games are towards the bottom in the middle) E and M
  6. Review of all Fractions Operations Jeopardy  M
  7. All Types of Percent, Fraction, and Decimal Conversions: M
    1. Jeopardy 
    2. Decention
  8. Converting from Percent to Fraction (Matching) M
  9. Converting from Fraction to Decimal Puppy Chase M
  10. Converting from Fraction to Percent and Decimal to Percent Millionaire  M
  11. Word Problems Jeopardy (use the old flash version if the new one pops up–this link should be the old version) M


Online Interactive Practice Problems

  1. Huge list of Fraction Interactives (games and practice problems) E and M
  2. Math Playground (the fraction problems are halfway down the page on the left) E and M
  3. Ezschool Word Problems  Upper E and M
  4. Softschools Word Problems Upper E and M
  5. Fraction Pizzas Interactive E and M


Activities you can do at home with fractions:

  1. Activities E and M
  2. Videos on Fractions E and M
  3. Teaching Ideas for Fractions (group in the UK) E and M
  4. Teachers pay Teachers Free Adding and Subtracting Fractions Activity Upper E and M
  5. FREESimplifyingFractionsBingo (This resource was created by Laura Candler, Upper E and M
  6. Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions Spiral M