Avery Mission

Avery Learning Lab, L.L.C. was founded in August of 2014 by Amanda Avery.

After 11 years of teaching Middle and High School Math and Science, Amanda decided to follow her passion for helping students on a more individual level. She had a desire to bring the joy of learning to students in a more personalized way. Although she loved teaching in a classroom, her own education business felt like the right path in the next stage of her life. Armed with her teaching experience and 8 years of tutoring students in grades K-12, she started running A.L.L. from her new home.

During her time in the classroom she saw students who were constrained by the ways of learning established within the school system, and teachers frustrated with their inability to focus on what mattered most, the learning success of their students. There was a lot of pressure to do well on end of year tests. Amanda valued the skill of learning over memorizing information to pass one test (as do many other staff in the school system).

Although some students are able to develop the true gift of how to learn, many students aren’t. This is usually because they aren’t able to discover the best way for them to learn new things. Time constraints, other responsibilities, and overcrowded classrooms prevent teachers (no matter how passionate and skilled) from reaching all learners fully. There are many great teachers that make a dent in differentiating to multiple types of learners, but they lack the time to really develop these learning skills in all their students.

Amanda experienced all of this first hand and decided that Avery Learning Lab could be a way to support students, parents, and teachers to help continue to develop learning skills, and a love of learning. This passion is spotlighted through our Learning Evaluation and tutoring program, as well as through our workshops and activities.

The goal of Avery Learning Lab is to create a fun enriching learning environment where kids and adults continue to grow and succeed. We are constantly growing and always open to new ideas and suggestions for expanding already established programs.

Our services consist of:

  • A proprietary learning evaluation that pinpoints issues and learning styles for each child and results in a preliminary but actionable plan. (included in our learning program)
  • A highly successful learning program that implements the plan, developed through our evaluation, with our expert supervision and includes regular assessments to make sure the customized plan and strategies chosen for the child are effective.
  • Family coaching sessions to help parents and teachers create the ideal environment for each child. (included in our learning program)
  • Individual or group tutoring for students that have gone through the program and want additional support or for clients who only need localized help in one subject. (We highly recommend completing the program first to get the best benefit from this.)
  • Workshops for parents to help create good communication and a more productive home environment for your student (and yourself).
  • Fun educational indoor and outdoor programs (for both children and adults)
  • Online services and resources that help support students, parents, and teachers. Many of these are offered for free under our free resources tab, and the pages for home-school parents and teachers..

We look forward to bringing you the joy of learning whether you are young or young at heart, and everyone in between!

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