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hot-coco       In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to start off this post by saying that we hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. This is the week that the holiday season begins for many families. December tends to whirl by us at lightening speed and we all get caught up in the various wintry holidays that come our way in December and January. Take the next several weeks as an opportunity to release the creative being in your children.

      Throughout the entire month of December, we are going to be posting ideas onto our social media and writing blog posts about the significance of DIY crafts. Additionally, there will be prompts for the reluctant writers and books for the hesitant readers. If you already have bookworms and word geniuses in your family, these posts will be extra ideas for you to slip into your back pockets.

     In the age of technology, arts and crafts has become more important than ever. We can bring back the beauty of homemade gifts this holiday season, while also opening back up that creative door that is too frequently shut by the world of video games and readily handy television programs. Writing and reading have been proven to open up the analytical parts of our children’s brains and also draw them closer to nature, as they are encouraged to think about the world around them from various unique angles.

This holiday season, you can look forward to many arts and humanities related ideas on  our facebook page. Our tutors also have a plethora of ideas up their sleeves. Even if you don’t have time to meet with a tutor face to face on a weekly basis, our tutors are typically capable of working around your busy holiday schedules. Take a look at our services page for more options. 


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